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My name is Ingemar Johansson, was born 1958-10-31 and I am working as a marine meteorologist at SMHI in Norrkoping. Our duty is to guide vessels across the seven seas. I live here together with my wife Aurora who is from the Philippines.
I grew up in Bovallstrand, an idyllic coastal village in northern Bohuslan and most of my close relatives live in that area.
I started with genealogy in th year 2010 and it is now the hobby that takes up most of my spare time. I use ArkivDigital to search data in the old church books and other sources and I use the program DISGEN to save and process all the data.
Most of my ancestors on my father's side lived in Sotenas and adjacent counties, mostly from Tossene parish. On my mother's side my ancestors came from Bottna-Svenneby area, from Styrso in the archipelagoe of Gothenburgh and also from the plains of Vastergotland.
There is still much research to do, especially on my maternal grandmother's side, there are both noble men and kings from the middle-age. Start the navigation with my grandparents in the menu to the left.

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